About this Blog and Venture

There’s a lot of information out there but it’s hard to understand the story unless you go searching for it. I’ve spent my life in nonprofit organizations.  A lot of the time it’s been organizing and interpreting information, because information is power. This blog is mostly Correspondence, serving to educate us about issues of concern and fascination. I borrow freely from sources, always crediting them, and do my best to make things interesting and informative.

Any commentary is delineated by italics and includes my introduction, edits, or comments.  They serve to round out the story and further our understanding.  Readers are welcome to comment, either at the end of the post or on HoCoMDcc’s facebook page. I honor informed and respectful opinion, and embrace the loner.

Collaboration is my offer, via HoCoMD.solutions, to provide skilled and imaginative solutions that address challenges faced by nonprofits and other enterprises, particularly in Howard County, Md. Collaborations can be set up on a fixed fee or on a consulting basis.