Harry Schwarz – Looking for Work


Harry Schwarz, The Professor

I’m a mission-driven social worker with over 30 years experience as a manager/executive for health care and higher education nonprofit organizations. I’m an accomplished financial and operations manager, fundraiser, organizer, and planner. I lead by being an attentive listener and an effective communicator, a skillful writer/editor, and a proficient public speaker. I am passionate about what I do and I always pursue partnership.

I am underemployed and would be happy to help you out by employment or on a consulting basis via Bearsolutions LLC.



BearSolutions (156x44)

Bearsolutions provides consultation to nonprofits on business plans, organizational development, budgeting and financial reporting; designed and manage a cloud-based application for evaluating annual financial data of non-profits, CHARM™, and assists Public Charter School authorizers to provide effective financial oversight. Here’s a link to a sample Report Card on the fiscal performance and financial health of a nonprofit, issued by CHARM™.

Message me here if you want to connect: