Get to know some of the Unite the Right rally participants and sympathizers

As a society, racism and the belief in white supremacy is deep in our DNA. It can be said that Christopher Columbus was the father of white supremacy in the Americas. The Civil War hardly extinguished this feature of the American psyche. Most of the monuments to the confederacy were erected in the early 1900s and following passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. As in the Civil War, the alt-right are our brothers and sisters, fellow Americans. THEY watch the same movies, participate in the same sporting events, go to the same restaurants as WE. They’re part of us.

And President Trump has given legitimacy to their platform. If the main-stream press is fake news, then the reports here must be what the President believes. We can only be a better country if we understand something about this illness that afflicts our body politic.  Here is a glimpse of some of the supporters of the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottsville, Va. on Saturday, August 12th; and an organization at the forefront of monitoring some 1,600 hate and extremist groups operating in this country.

Battle of Charlottesville: A Firsthand Account

by Lee Rogers (Daily Stormer),  August 13, 2017 [ABRIDGED]

I wanted to give everyone my first hand account of what I saw while everything is still fresh. The one thing I will say is that everything I’m seeing reported in the Jewish media about what happened yesterday is a lie. There’s nobody giving an accurate account. All I’ve seen is an endless parade of non-Whites and Jews spewing nonsense. I’ve yet to see a single person on any of the big cable news channels interview a single person from our side.

Here’s what really happened. At around 9 AM many of us began assembling at McIntire Park which is a short distance away from Lee Park. As we walked to [Lee Park] we were confronted by all sorts of degenerates. At first it was mostly just boomer cuckolds, middle aged cat ladies and some random faggots. The crazier anti-fascist types were closer to the park itself.

As more of our people began to filter in, the anti-fascists began to throw stuff at us. They threw urine, actual shit, water bottles and anything else they could find. They even used pepper spray and mace.

What’s important to note is that our group was merely trying to peacefully assemble at a place where we had a permit to lawfully do so. All the violence originated from the anti-fascist side. We were merely defending ourselves from getting attacked as we tried to enter the park!

#UniteTheRight will go down as a truly historic event. The record will show that the government illegally shut down our gathering because they feared our political ideas. They were stupid to do this as this is only going to bring more people to our side. This was a major victory for us.

I salute each and every one of you who attended the rally. #UniteTheRight has proven that we are a formidable political force not to be taken lightly.

An Aryan Society – Building a New White World

Unite The Right After Action Report

by Major Brian Culpepper (National Socialist Movement), August 2017 [EXCERPTS]

On Saturday, Aug. 12th, members of the National Socialist Movement [NSM] took to the streets once again to stand in defense of our honored Confederate Veterans and oppose the planned removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville Virginia. This was a joint operation by the Nationalist Front [NF] groups, including not only the NSM but our allies in the League Of The South, American Vanguard, Traditionalist Workers Party, East Coast Knights, C-28 and other allies.

On Saturday morning, the NSM and our NF allies met at a pre designated rally point and after a last minute recon of the event area we loaded up and moved into position in preparation of our legally permitted and lawful march route to the Lee monument.

As the formation moved out into the streets we were met by a sight that is all too familiar to the street wise NSM and NF groups: an unruly mob of filthy left wing degenerates that exhibit the worst traits of human character imaginable. It was an unholy alliance of homosexuals and Blacks and self hating Whites were in the mix as well as hard core Communists. Make no mistake, the degenerates hiding under the banner of “diversity” and “tolerance” believe in those principles only as long as you agree with their twisted value systems.

As the orderly and disciplined NF formation approached the permitted rally area, a number of fist fights and other physical confrontations broke out as leftist began a feeble effort to try to stop the forward progress of the determined NF column to reach our permitted rally point. The City of Charlottesville showed very poor planning in allowing leftist into our permitted area as this was directly responsible for the large number of injuries that were inflicted on the pathetic Reds who are no match for the hardened Nationalists.

Our admiration and thanks go out to the professionalism exhibited by the highly trained men at the League Of The South who took point in the shield wall that pushed through the line of Red opposition as well as the very tough groups of skins that were right there with them fighting their way through. The skin crews that were there were a very hard lot and certainly no one in the opposition would want to tackle in a fair fight and we thank them for their support. A few did get pepper spray or tear gas injuries but other than that they came away unscathed and once again proved their mettle and value in these sort of street confrontations.

Overall the event was a huge success for the NF allies. It gave us an opportunity to assess our training programs in real life scenarios and will help critique cross organizational efforts moving forward. The unprecedented levels of video documentation and social media presence has proven to all of America exactly what the NSM has been warning about: That the forces aligned against us are straight up Communists and their ultimate goal is the destruction of not only America but the White Race globally. The mechanism they employ is the systematic replacement of culture and this corrosive effect weakens the nation internally and creates opportunities that the Communist seek to exploit. The left are the modern day Facists in that they seek to repress and destroy every opinion that is not in agreement with theirs.

Far from discouraging us, this event has only hardened our resolve to defend our Veterans and our Race and our culture. We will not be replaced!! This is not the end, it is only the beginning. While the MSM [main stream media] continues to distort the facts, social media and alternative news are getting the truth out and public opinion is overwhelmingly on our side. We are receiving unprecedented levels of calls for membership and pledges for support as Americans are simply fed up with this continuing assault on our freedoms being waged by the 2 Party system.

Our thanks to all that supported our efforts and we must all harden our resolve for it is a certainty that there will be more violence before this situation is resolved. But it is a fight we must fight as the sacrifices of our Veterans must not be forgotten and this is a battle not only for the existence of our nation but of the very survival of our people. Please join us in our efforts. Hail Victory!

Rally Poster, and Featured Image at top of this post

from the website of Anti Communist Action

Anticom’s mission is to defend our communities from radical political violence by physically resisting leftist terrorists and rioters. In addition to defense, Anticom seeks to improve our communities through service and charity. Anticom members are held to high standards of physical and mental readiness. Due to the physical demands of resisting communism, we require that members pass the USMC’s physical fitness test once per year.

Patriots of all races, creeds, and classes must unite to resist the menace of radical far-left violence. We have not forgotten the uncounted millions of lives sacrificed to Communist utopian insanity and we will not stand by and watch as our peaceful events are invaded, our compatriots are harassed and assaulted, and our culture is contaminated with the destructive, divisive ideology of cultural marxism.

East Cost Knights of the True Invisible Empire, Cecil County, Maryland

Do not let those of the past cloud your judgment on what we are today and what we are trying to accomplish! We do wish to preserve the White Christian ways. (The same way other races wish to preserve their race and beliefs!) The East Coast Knights wish to take back only the right of free speech, and right to say that we are White and Proud! We see people of all races walking with their heads held high, proud to be of whatever race or religion never to be persecuted or questioned as to their motives.

Except for the Whites!

How long will the White Race have to continue persecution? We will not let this continue! We know that there are those out there who strongly agree, but do not wish to stand up for your rights. The rights of your children, grand children and the future for those to come.

Think about your loved ones.

Those once considered minority races are flourishing recieving welfare handouts, Meanwhile, all the hard working people can’t get a break. our own government is taking jobs away sending them over seas, putting hard working Americans out of jobs. Taking food off the table, prices of gas are going up, bills are to much to think about. We can go on and on, but its up to you America!

join the East Coast Knights and make a stand!

Once a member, you are family. We live by the Klans motto Non Silba, Sed Anthar. Which means not for self, but for others. As long as there are still true Americans with the fear of God in their hearts and the love of law and order in their minds, there will always be a Ku Klux Klan fighting for truth and justice.

Southern Poverty Law Center

The SPLC is the premier U.S. non-profit organization monitoring the activities of domestic hate groups and other extremists [on the left and the right] – including the Ku Klux Klan, the neo-Nazi movement, neo-Confederates, racist skinheads, black separatists, antigovernment militias, Christian Identity adherents and others.

We are currently tracking more than 1,600 extremist groups [including 917 hate groups] operating across the country. We publish investigative reports, train law enforcement officers and share key intelligence, and offer expert analysis to the media and public.

Eighteen hate groups operating in Maryland, from Hate Map of the United States (Southern Poverty Law Center)

Our work fighting hate and extremism began in the early 1980s, amid a resurgence of Klan violence that began several years after the end of the civil rights movement. Each year since 1990, we have released an annual census of U.S. hate groups. In the mid-1990s, we also began documenting the number of radical, antigovernment militias and other organizations that comprise the far-right “Patriot” movement.

Over the years, we’ve crippled or destroyed some of the country’s most notorious hate groups – including the United Klans of America, the Aryan Nations and the White Aryan Resistance – by suing them for murders and other violent acts committed by their members or by exposing their activities.

There is Human Trafficking in Howard County

A man was charged with forcing four women into prostitution in Howard County this week. Kudos to the Howard County Police Department for their targeted efforts to arrest human trafficking. This is my post from a year ago, updated with the latest report.

Howard police arrest Baltimore man at Laurel motel in latest human trafficking case

by Andrew Michaels (Howard County Times), August 2, 2017 [ABRIDGED]

A Baltimore man was charged Wednesday with the human trafficking of four women in Howard and Prince George’s counties following a nearly two-week investigation by Howard County police.

Kamal Germaine Dorchy, 43, faces multiple counts of human trafficking, the police announced. He is being held without bond at the Howard County jail.

This investigation is part of Howard County’s ongoing efforts to stop prostitution and human trafficking. There have been almost as many human trafficking cases this year as there were in all of 2016.

During the investigation, police said they believed Dorchy arranged appointments for the women at motels and forced them to have sex for money. He then took half of the money and used photographs of the women for advertisements on a website, which police said is commonly used for prostitution.

Police said they believed Dorchy assaulted the victims, threatened them with a handgun and supplied them with drugs. In addition to controlling their access to food and sleep — only allowing them to rest for short amounts of time — Dorchy controlled their communication through texts and calls on their cell phones.

The victims were taken to safe locations and offered support services, including housing, treatment and transportation.

Laurel Man Charged in Human Trafficking of Two Girls, 13 and 15

[from News Release by Office Of Public Affairs (HoCo Police Department) – July 26, 2016]

Howard County police have charged a Laurel man with human trafficking in a case involving two young girls, ages 13 and 15. Arthur Coleman, 46, of Larchdale Road, was charged with multiple counts of human trafficking, prostitution and other sex-related offenses.

An undercover female Howard County detective reached out to the 13-year-old girl, who she saw posted in numerous prostitution ads online, including on the website Backpage. The detective posed as a young girl interested in joining the teen to make money.

The teen replied to the undercover officer that she and an older man would pick her up in a public place in Columbia. At the agreed upon location, officers were waiting for the teen and the male driver, who was later identified as Coleman. When they arrived, the 13-year-old and a second girl, 15, were in the car.

Howard County has an ongoing effort to combat prostitution, human trafficking and related offenses. The county recently created a dedicated account to fund victims’ services and additional police training, and added a second full-time detective to investigate human trafficking cases.

Investigators are focused on arresting traffickers and offering assistance to victims through housing, treatment, transportation and other help. Anyone with information about human trafficking in Howard County should call 410-313-STOP or email:

Why Trafficking Exists

Human trafficking is a market-driven criminal industry that is based on the principles of supply and demand, like drugs or arms trafficking. Many factors make children and adults vulnerable to human trafficking. However, human trafficking does not exist solely because many people are vulnerable to exploitation. Instead, human trafficking is fueled by a demand for cheap labor, services and for commercial sex.

Human traffickers are those who employ force, fraud, or coercion to victimize others in their desire to profit from the existing demand. To ultimately solve the problem of human trafficking, it is essential to address these demand-driven factors, as well as to alter the overall market incentives of high-profit and low-risk that traffickers currently exploit.

Labor trafficking and sex trafficking of U.S. citizens and foreign nationals persist and thrive for a number of reasons, including:

  1. Low Risk: Human traffickers perceive there to be little risk or deterrence to affect their criminal operations. While investigations, prosecutions and penalties have increased throughout recent years, many traffickers still believe the high profit margin to be worth the risk of detection. Factors that add to low risk include: lack of government and law enforcement training, low community awareness, ineffective or unused laws, lack of law enforcement investigation, scarce resources for victim recovery services, and social blaming of victims.
  2. High Profits: When individuals are willing to buy commercial sex, they create a market and make it profitable for traffickers to sexually exploit children and adults. When consumers are willing to buy goods and services from industries that rely on forced labor, they create a profit incentive for labor traffickers to maximize revenue with minimal production costs.

Left unchecked, human trafficking will continue to flourish in environments where traffickers can reap substantial monetary gains with relatively low risk of getting caught or lost profits.

Maryland is a “Goldmine” for Human Trafficking

In the 2012 Governor’s Report on combatting trafficking within the state, Maryland was described as a “goldmine” for human trafficking. A good deal of this is logistical, as Maryland sits at the heart of what is referred to as the “East Coast Circuit,” a string of cities along the East Coast through which traffickers routinely travel. Interstate 95 is the key transportation element along the corridor, linking major cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C., with the southern states.

Along I‐95 and throughout the state, Maryland has numerous rest stops, truck stops, bus, and railway stations, all of which are considered prime recruitment and point of sale locations for traffickers. . .  In recognition of this risk, Maryland passed legislation in 2012 requiring all truck stops, rest areas, and bus stations in Maryland to post information on the availability of the NHTRC hotline (National Human Trafficking Resource Center).

Location of Sex Trafficking Cases involving U.S. Citizens Reported to National Human Trafficking Resource Center and BeFree (2014)

Along with high‐volume highways and rest stops, Maryland has an international airport and international waterway ports, both of which serve as convenient entry points for domestic and international victims. The area around Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington International Airport has been the site of numerous human trafficking arrests, due to the proliferation of hotels and the revolving cast of visitors to the area seeking to purchase commercial sex acts.

Maryland is also in close proximity to Washington D.C., where a large portion of the allegations of labor trafficking by foreign diplomats are centered. . .  Finally, Maryland is home to numerous casinos, tourist attractions, convention centers, and large‐scale sporting events, all of which draw the need for supplying cheap labor and commercialized sex.

Howard County’s Approach to Human Trafficking

On January 6th, 2014, the Howard County Council introduced County Council Resolution 8‐2014, which established the Howard County Task Force on Human Trafficking. The Task Force was directed to research the development of protocols, community outreach efforts, training efforts, and partnerships to help increase the identification of human trafficking victims in the County and aide in the establishment of a provider network for comprehensive services for victims of trafficking.

Task Force members met at least monthly to hear from federal, state, and local experts on the complexities of human trafficking and how it is manifested in Howard County. What follows is a list of recommendations on how to address human trafficking in Howard County, which were created following months of research, education, and consideration by the Task Force.

  1. Increase identification rates of human trafficking victims in the County, including domestic and transnational victims of both sex and labor trafficking.
  2. Aid in the establishment of a provider network that offers comprehensive services to victims of trafficking.
  3. Facilitate more coordinated anti‐ trafficking efforts in the county through extensive community outreach, training efforts, intelligence sharing and forming partnerships between law enforcement and non‐governmental organizations.
  4. Facilitate more coordinated anti‐trafficking efforts in the county through creation of a specialized law enforcement core group, proactive investigations and increase the prosecution of traffickers, criminally, and where appropriate, civilly.

Howard County Nonprofit Resources

HoCo AGAST (Advocacy Group Against Slavery and Trafficking) is a grass roots Citizen’s Advocacy Group that has been in existence since 2011 with goals to educate our community about Human Trafficking in the U.S., our state and county; to work for stronger laws to combat it; to protect women and youth from becoming trapped in sexual exploitation; and to support victim service providers.

Safe House of Hope. We are a volunteer-run and -led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that welcomes people from all backgrounds and spiritual traditions. We provide education, training, and support to help victims of human trafficking become an active part of a healthy community.

Samaritan Womens mission is to glorify GOD by seeking justice, reconciliation, and healing.  We fulfill our mission through: (1) Operating transitional and restorative shelter programs for women recovering from domestic human trafficking.  Our program emphasis is on life-rebuilding, personal accomplishments,  social re-entry, and spiritual reconciliation. (2) Inspiring people–inside and outside of the Church–to engage in combating domestic human trafficking through awareness, prevention, service, and advocacy.  We provide the education and tools for them to do this work.

How Maryland Rates in its Response to Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

1Header 2data

Recognizing that most of the gaps in responding to domestic minor sex trafficking must be addressed at the state level, the Protected Innocence Legislative Framework (developed by Shared Hope International) sets out the basic policy principles required to create a safer environment for children . . .   Based on the research findings, within an overarching framework that identifies minors exploited through sex trafficking as victims, four primary policy issues were identified as critical to combating domestic minor sex trafficking:

  1. Eliminating Demand. All buyers of sex with children—whether they be classified as preferential (pedophiles), opportunistic (thrill seekers), or situational (do not care about the age of the person being prostituted)—are committing a serious crime for which significant punishment is appropriate.
  2. Prosecuting Traffickers. Frequently, the arrest and prosecution of the trafficker are based solely on the victim’s cooperation in the investigation and testimony at trial. . .  It is critical for law enforcement officers to pursue innovative or alternative investigation techniques to corroborate the victims’ allegations in domestic minor sex trafficking cases.
  3. Identifying Victims. One of the primary barriers to victim identification is that laws often label minors engaging in commercial sex acts as criminals rather than victims. Misidentification causes a chain reaction of negative outcomes, the most significant of which is the failure to deliver the necessary services to interrupt and treat the trauma these children have endured.
  4. Providing Protection, Access to Services and Shelter for Victims. Law enforcement officers . . . are often compelled to charge a domestic minor sex trafficking victim with a delinquency offense, such as prostitution, to detain the child and to keep the child safe from the trafficker. . .  Establishing protective responses for victims that include shelter and services would provide law enforcement officers and juvenile courts with an alternative placement for prostituted minors.

Human Trafficking Tip Card

(Featured photo at top of post from

Howard County has a “Dakota Access” pipeline right in our back yard

Who knew we have petroleum pipelines running through Howard County MD? On a recent doctor visit out Dorsey Hall Drive in Ellicott City, I discovered these signs for a petroleum pipeline managed by Colonial Pipeline Company. Surprised by my finding, I decided to do some research. Come to find, there are numerous natural gas and hazardous liquid (petroleum) pipelines throughout Howard County and the USA.

Colonial Pipeline right of way (ROW) looking south across Dorsey Hall Dr. and US29 (left) and headed north to Marriottsville and Dorsey Junction in Woodbine (right) [photo by Harry Schwarz]
Map showing pipelines traversing Howard County, MD; The Colonial pipeline is indicated by the red line (map by National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) Public Viewer)

Pipeline Basics

by The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, US Dept of Transportation (PHMSA)

The energy transportation network of the United States consists of over 2.5 million miles of pipelines. That’s enough to circle the earth about 100 times. These pipelines are operated by approximately 3,000 companies, large and small.

Most hazardous liquid and gas transmission pipelines are located underground in rights-of-way (ROW). A ROW consists of consecutive property easements acquired by, or granted to, the pipeline company. The ROW provides sufficient space to perform pipeline maintenance and inspections, as well as a clear zone where encroachments can be monitored and prevented.

Gas line construction

Pipeline operators are required to post brightly-colored markers along their ROW to indicate the presence of – but not necessarily the exact location of – their underground pipelines. Markers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They contain information about the nearby pipeline as well as emergency contact information for the company that operates it.

Gas Transmission and Hazardous Liquid Pipelines in the United States (National Pipeline Mapping System, US Department of Transportation)

Pipelines play a vital role in our daily lives. They transport fuels and petrochemical feedstocks that we use in cooking and cleaning, in our daily commutes and travel, in heating our homes and businesses, and in manufacturing hundreds of products we use daily.

Natural gas provides for nearly 25% of our country’s total energy consumption, and petroleum provides for nearly 40%. This requires the transportation of huge volumes of hazardous liquids and gas, and the most feasible, most reliable and safest way to do so is through pipelines.




Every day, Colonial Pipeline safely and efficiently delivers more than 100 million gallons of gasoline, home heating oil, aviation fuel and other refined petroleum products.

Starting in Houston and terminating at the New York harbor, Colonial consists of more than 5,500 miles of pipeline, most of which is underground, and above ground storage tanks which support safe operations of the overall system.

System Map (Colonial Pipeline)

Colonial connects the robust U.S. refinery region of the Gulf Coast with customers serving communities and businesses throughout South and the Eastern United States.

Colonial Pipeline Company – Dorsey Junction, Woodbine MD (Google Maps)

Colonial – Dorsey Junction [Woodbine] is a refined petroleum pipeline breakout station for Colonial’s interstate transportation pipeline system. The facility’s tank farm includes breakout tanks for gasoline, distillates, transmix, additives, and other supporting equipment. The facility is located in Carroll County, Maryland.

A major piece of U.S. infrastructure, Colonial’s mission is to move energy to where it’s needed, store it until it’s needed and blend it as it’s needed. This is accomplished by committing to safe operations that enable the efficient, reliable and responsible transportation of fuels.

Potential Hazards

by The Pipeline Operators Safety Partnership

Pipelines are the safest mode of transportation. Despite this, pipeline releases can create hazards for both communities and responders. A pipeline release can result in:

  • Fire or explosion
  • Vapor cloud
  • Toxic or combustible fumes
  • Asphyxiation
  • Contamination of the environment

Pipelines can carry many different types of products ranging from gaseous material to thick crude oil. Some of the more common products being transported by pipelines are highlighted below with information on the product’s characteristics and hazards. Operators keep MSDS information for each product they transport. This information is available from the operator upon request.

  • Crude Oil – Crude oil occurs naturally in liquid form ranging from a water-like substance to a very thick tar. It can range from amber to black in color. Crude oil is combustible. Exposure can cause moderate irritation including headaches and dizziness. Crude oil can also contain H2S, which is toxic.
  • Refined Liquid Petroleum Products – Refined products derived from crude oil including gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and chemicals. Gasoline is flammable; distillates are combustible. Exposure can cause moderate irritation including headaches and dizziness. Exposure to refined fuels may also cause eye and skin irritation.
  • Natural Gas – Colorless, odorless gas used as a fuel source. Odorized when being transported to an end user. Natural gas is flammable and can ignite when it comes into contact with an ignition source. In confined spaces exposure can cause asphyxiation. Natural gas can contain hydrogen sulfide, which is toxic.
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) & Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) – NGLs include a range of hydrocarbon elements including butane, iso-butane, propane, ethane, and natural gas condensate. These elements are extracted from the gas stream during processing. NGL is combustible. Exposure can cause moderate irritation including headaches and dizziness. NGLs can also contain H2S, which is toxic.




Mission  PHMSA’s mission is to protect people and the environment by advancing the safe transportation of energy and other hazardous materials that are essential to our daily lives. To do this, the agency establishes national policy, sets and enforces standards, educates, and conducts research to prevent incidents. We also prepare the public and first responders to reduce consequences if an incident does occur.

2021 Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Strategic Framework and Direction

Vision — Our vision is to make PHMSA he most innovative transportation safety organization in the world.

Maryland State Authority — PHMSA’s Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) and Maryland [Maryland Public Service Commission] partner in pipeline safety regulatory responsibilities. The National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives (NAPSR) is a nonprofit organization of state pipeline safety personnel who serve to promote pipeline safety in the United States and its territories. Under PHMSA certification and agreements, NAPSR members support the safe delivery of pipeline products by conducting inspections of pipeline operators to determine compliance with applicable state and federal pipeline safety requirements.

You know these Baltimore sites — in postcards from about 1912

I’ve collected postcards since I was a kid. Friends and family gave me postcards, I scrutinized every card , then organized them in myriad ways.  They were a glimpse at a world beyond my own.

On a rainy day, it’s a wonderful pastime to explore the world in my postcards. Today they show history.  Here are some cards of familiar Baltimore sites, from a souvenir portfolio from Union News Company.

The Baltimore Post Office, built in the 1890s, was a towering presence, but an unbearable workplace. James H. Bruns, in Great American Post Offices (1998), notes that when the windows were open, drafts sickened the postal workers, and when the windows were closed, clouds of dust choked them. (The dust in these post offices contained dried manure from horse-drawn postal wagons, carried in on the mail sacks, with the odor of the stable. In post offices with overhead conveyors, a steady dusting of manure from the sacks fell upon the workers all day.) The Baltimore office’s main tower, although a landmark, was used only as a place to store old ledgers. [I believe the building was demolished about 1930.]


It shouldn’t have happened

Fifteen year old Grace McComas committed suicide in 2012. Her story is one of how the Howard County community failed this child and family.  First and foremost, it was a flagrant example of an institution that’s intended to serve the people, putting the administration first rather than the interests of this child and family.  But we all played a role. And we have an opportunity to make it right.

Julia McCready, our guest blogger, is a Howard County Educator with a knowledge and wisdom about Grace’s story.  She posts daily at

Sharing the Story

by Julia McCready (Friday, July 7, 2017)

In the Spring of 2012 the Glenelg High School community was rocked by the suicide of a sophomore named Grace McComas. She took her life in response to a drug-assisted rape by a fellow student and the subsequent cyber-bullying from members of that same community when she spoke out and sought justice.

In a school of approximately 1200 students, how many do you suppose knew what was going on?

How many knew because they were participating in the bullying?

How many knew and tried to help?

How many knew and did nothing?

How many knew nothing at all?

In the time since her daughter’s death Christine McComas has fought to raise awareness of sexual assault, cyber-bullying, and has worked unceasingly to get her daughters complete school records from the year that she died. The response to her efforts has often been disappointing.

How have we responded?

How many participated in a concerted effort to withhold information?

How many sought to learn more and to help?

How many saw and looked away?

How many have never heard of Grace at all?

The McComas family has established a fund which is to be the basis of a schorlarship in Grace’s name. The scholarship will be awarded each year to a student who exemplifies the qualities of G.R.A.C.E. — Give Respect and Compassion to Everyone. It is a seed sown in faith that we should grow more than academic excellence in our children, something far more precious: love, respect, and courage to stand against bullying and harassment.

The seed money for this scholarship came in the form of a lump sum donation from outgoing Chair of SECAC Barb Krupiarz. But more is needed for the scholarship fund to be viable. That is where you and I come in.

Here is the Go Fund Me campaign page for the Grace McComas Scholarship. Please click on the link, read the story, and give as generously as you are able. We, as a community, can choose to look at this heartbreaking story and refuse to look away, refuse to do nothing. We can reach out a hand to help and to heal. We can share this story with someone who may not yet know.

In so doing we will honor Grace.

If you have a blog, share this request. If you have a wide social media audience, share with them. If you have a church group or a neighborhood group or a community association who could help, ask them. It does not matter how large the amount, more important is how far Grace’s story is spread so that each individual who hears feels convicted to help and not to look away.

That’s how bullying ends, when each individual feels convicted to help and not to look away.

Participating in the funding of this scholarship can be a sign from our community that we are upstanders and not bystanders. We can be the hands that help.

Grace McComas Memorial Scholarship:

Barb Krupiarz and Christine McComas speak at BOE about the scholarship:

About Grace’s Law:



There’s another artist in the Schwarz family

CJ Schwarz is my wife. She’s also a mother, a neighbor, a social worker, an acupuncturist, a friend. One of her talents is painting which she took up about three years ago. Her paintings are mostly of subjects CJ and I encountered together (or at least I lived with the painting for the time it took to create).  She was inspired by my mother, a professional painter, during the 8 years they knew each other. Mom always took great glee in showing CJ her latest project and sharpening her ability to see.

I blogged about Mom previously (  I’m pleased to now share some of CJ’s work. To find more, just click on the Gallery tab in the left margin, or bookmark this link:

I paint by instinct and observation. I have always had an appreciation for Nature in its many forms. As a child I spent hours outdoors playing and many a time watching insects, examining flowers and admiring the spring and summer plants and trees. Landscapes and animals are my favorite subject matter. I am captivated by the colors, the light and shapes of a location.

Having always loved animals, I like to pay particularly close attention to an animal’s eyes in painting them. I hope to communicate the animal’s personality and what they might be thinking of in the moment. Lila is an extremely bright dog belonging to a friend of mine. I was captivated by the intensity of her eyes and her beautiful coat.

One can never truly capture the beauty of nature but, hopefully these paintings reflect some of its essence. Nature is not separate from us – we are nature.

Does Columbia still believe in Affordable Housing?

The Department of Housing and Urban Development states that housing is affordable if it costs no more than 30% of family income. Affordable housing for all economic groups is a bedrock principal in Columbia. Nonetheless, the three newest apartments in Columbia – – Alta Wilde Lake, The Metropolitan, and Lakehouse (Little Patuxent Square) — are all Class A or “luxury” apartments. This is evident by the ways the apartments describe themselves, and it’s easy to see by their starting rents that they are unaffordable to the secretaries, sales associates, builders, maintenance workers, cooks and waiters that make it all happen. 

The Downtown Columbia Plan anticipates construction of 6,250 residential units that will be priced however the market will bear. The February agreement by the County and Howard Hughes Corporation requires there be 900 affordable apartments built downtown, but advocates say only about 500 units will create new family opportunities; 400 units duplicate what is already available in other Columbia Villages. And we’re further increasing the stock of high-rent apartments with Kimco’s proposal of “luxury” apartments at Hickory Ridge Village Center. Continue reading Does Columbia still believe in Affordable Housing?