Be amazed at Grounds for Sculpture

If you’re considering day trips this Spring, and have never been to Grounds for Sculpture, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Grounds for Sculpture is an amusement park of contemporary sculpture, just outside Trenton, New Jersey.  It’s a 42 acre outdoor sculpture garden with indoor exhibitions, about two and a half hours from Columbia, MD.  

Park map, Grounds for Sculpture (click on map for downloadable PDF)

With around 500 sculptures indoors and outside, there are numerous opportunities to become one with the art. Sometimes the landscape becomes an extension of the sculpture, or the sculpture invites you to become a part of it.  Several exhibits recreate a famous painting in three dimensions, many larger than life-size. Options for lunch or dinner include several cafes and Rat’s Restaurant, a fine-dining establishment described as “country French cuisine in a Monet-inspired locale.”

Rat’s Restaurant, Grounds for Sculpture (photo by Cathy Schwarz)

Park path, Grounds for Sculpture (photo by Cathy Schwarz)

The curatorial focus of Grounds For Sculpture is to present the work of both established and emerging sculptors. Emerging sculptors are defined as artists at the beginning of their careers as well as artists whose work has contributed to the field of contemporary sculpture significantly without accompanying recognition. The outdoor exhibition grows by approximately 15 sculptures annually.

God Bless America, Seward Johnson (photo by Cathy Schwarz)
Depression Bread Line, George Segal (photo by Cathy Schwarz)
Damascus Gate, Walter Dusenbery (photo by Cathy Schwarz)

Each year more than 230,000 visitors—art students, school groups, families, and individuals are inspired by GFS’ beautiful and engaging 42-acre sculpture park and exceptional indoor exhibitions. Whether they walk the grounds, take a class, or enjoy a performance, our goal is to present inspirational and transformative experiences for all.

Urchin, Howard Kalish (photo by Cathy Schwarz)
October Gathering, Joan Danziger (photo by Cathy Schwarz)
Forever Marilyn, Seward Johnson (notice the bench to the right for scale; photo by Cathy Schwarz)

Click here for Grounds for Sculpture Website

Featured Image at top of post

Henry Moore in a Sheep Meadow, Red Grooms (with Harry Schwarz; photo by Cathy Schwarz)


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